Wellow Chiropractic Clinic Covid-19 Policy (26th May 2020)


  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and therefore procedures have been introduced in May 2020 at Wellow Chiropractic Clinic following the Department of Health England, GCC and BCA guidelines to safeguard the health of patients and members of staff. It is essential to monitor our health constantly and take appropriate action to reduce the spread of the virus.


  • Prior to the patient’s appointment, the Patients Risk Assessment Checklist must be completed by the patient and reviewed by the chiropractor to make sure it is appropriate for the patient to visit the clinic for treatment. This will be emailed to the patient after a telephone consultation to complete and return. Currently, chiropractic care is restricted to the treatment of pain and deemed urgent.


  • Any patient who is self-isolating or shielding will be advised not to attend the clinic.


  • The Wellow Fitness Centre gym is currently closed and only the clinic room within the centre is in use.


  • Appropriate Health and safety notices will be on display for patient information and awareness.


  • Patients are kindly asked to be on time for their appointment and wait in their car until the chiropractor comes to fetch them. Patients are asked not to bring personal possessions i.e. coats and bags into the clinic and for them to be unaccompanied inside the clinic.


  • Appointments have been spaced out to allow thorough cleaning and to reduce footfall.


  • Patients will be asked on arrival if they have had any Covid-19 symptoms develop since completing the Patient Assessment Checklist.


  • Patients will be asked to sanitize/wash their hands on entering and leaving the building. They will be asked not to touch doors and will not be able to use the toilet.  


  • The clinic treatment room will undergo a thorough clean of all equipment and work surfaces between each patient. The chiropractor will wash their hands thoroughly before examination/treatment starts.


  • The chiropractor will have a surgical face mask type 11R on when you enter the building and will wear appropriate PPE i.e. disposable gloves and apron during examination and treatment.


Thank you for your cooperation

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